The proud Equine has always been a essential part of my life. It all began when my parents took
me to the zoo and a pony ride at age three that my ultimate love and passion for this beautiful,
proud animal was born. Horse ownership in the big city of West-Berlin, Germany was a fantasy
of my early childhood years, and fueled with news of my grandmother's Thoroughbred Race
Track endeavors.

Although non-equine enthusiasts, my parents always supported my dreams & passion for this
beautiful animal; and after relocating from the big city to the country, the dream of horse
ownership became a wish of the past with the acquisition of a Trakehner Gelding and a
Hannoveraner Mare. Both became successful competition mounts during my teenage years in
Level M/S Show Jumping and Dressage.
Years later, with a family of my own and the acquisition of the Lockwood, California ranch, my
dreams of raising beautiful & useful horses became reality. After six years of hands-on cattle
industry & ranching training through my long-time friend, a noted cattleman & professional
team roper, many invitational cowhand work stints followed on local cattle ranches & rugged
California lease lands.

It was then that I became to appreciate the versatility of the American Quarter Horse breed.
Working the cows with my huge, loud colored American Paint Horse Gelding "
Scotty's Blue
Eyes", I also noticed that the cows responded a lot better to the flashy colored horse during
cattle gatherings, brandings & pen work than its solid colored counterpart. Soon a second horse
was purchased, a very quick & catty young Doc Bar granddaughter - fun to ride and getting the
job done.

My first introduction to the Show Arena came through the owners of the American Paint Horse
stallion PS Tune, APHA I eventually bred this mare to for several years. Her foals & grand foals
not only excelled in the American Paint Horse Association's Halter & Performance arena, but also
as producers (Docs Cowboy Queen, AQHA bred to PS Tune, APHA).

Raising one quality foal at a time from 1988-1991 also sparked a very serious interest in the
beautiful Halter Horse. Following intense studies of winning bloodlines & marketability, going to
the shows to watch, listen and learn, I replaced my accumulation of a handful of mares with two
top AQHA mares (Impressive Parette by Mr Impressive & An Elusive Angel by Impressive),
which became the cornerstone of a very small, but successful Halter Horse breeding program in
just five short years (1991-1996). My preference always was, then & now: Quality over Quantity.
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