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Photos taken April 21, 2009
May your Future be bright and filled with Happiness, for you are a very special
"One Of a Kind".
Whatever lies ahead of you, never forget your first Home.
Because it will always be there for you!
AKA "ARNIE" APHA/PtHA April 20, 2008 SPB Colt
Pictured as a Yearling Stallion enjoying his Youth in North Dakota Winter Dress
Angie -
Took Arnie to a three hour trail ride for the Shriner's Hospital yesterday.  He did great!  I had several    
compliments on him as well.  I really think he is going to be best suited as a trail riding horse.  He has a
lot of try in him.  He was really tired of carrying me up and down those hills but he never quit. We
meant to take a camera with us yesterday, but we forgot with everything going on.  Had a great
turnout (150 or so horses) and a lot of money was raised for the children.  I will try to get pictures to
you soon.
Tim Moore of Missouri, owner of OBVIOUSLY STAR BARRED,  sent us this message on June 7, 2010:
THANK YOU so much Tim, for giving my baby such a great home! I am so happy for both of you!~Angie
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