Just can't find that Mouse. Oh well,
let's torment the Doggie for awhile.
Let me know where you found that Mouse
if you would like to sign my
Always looking for that elusive
Mouse..somewhere hidden
here on this site.
Must be the twin to the one
behind me that thinks
she's being real sneaky..:-)
Oscarlena came to us from the Horse Barn.
Absolutely no ordinary cat!!
No other Kitty has ever brought more laughter,
fun & mischief into my life than"Oscie". Barn cat?? No way!
She is always into something - so check back often!
Ooooopsiiieeee...........oh no..don't look at me!
I didn't do it..but oh are they so sweet & cute.
Greet my Siblings - the next Hunter Generation!
Abandoned Lil Kitties looking into the Big Wide World, 09-23-09
(Bottle fed and home raised in my "Nursery")
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