Oh I am just such a happy
Cat. I have company!!!
Always busy playing with the
little toddlers, teaching them
the household routine..hehe..
Practicing belly flops,
pouncing, chasing each other,
eating their food, cleaning up
or sometimes I just sit on the
window sill enjoying the sight!
Eternal Bliss..snoozing undercover on Mom's Chest!
The Center of lots of Love & Attention!
Tea Cup Tortoise Girl at 5 weeks of age.
Will not exceed 4 lbs at Maturity.
(Not available for placement)
I am now a certified, registered "LIL KEE"
Rare & Exotic Feline Registry
AMC FB 09182009 001 SH LT
One day up at the horse barn I saw four tiny
Kittens roaming around, just barely able to see.
I kept an eye on them to see who their mom was,
if she nursed and cared for the approx 10-day-olds.

A few days went by, and the Kittens cried louder,
appeared weaker. With the inclement weather  
change to a brisk cold, I ran out to buy a kitten
bottle, milk replacer and a huge cage; "IMA LIL
KEE", limp with eyes starting to glaze tucked away
under my jackets just peeking out near my throat.
I was frantic to save the Kittens. One track minded
I stormed into Walmart and was greeted with the
most profound Question I was ever asked: "Is this
a guide animal? Otherwise.." Well. The greeter's
sentence ended there...I was on a mission. And
nothing had better stand in my way!

Returning home with my little charges and
purchases, I quickly set up a nursery in the guest
room and started them on the bottle every four to
six hours, introducing soft solid kitten food mixed
with dry milk replacer, topped off with hours and
hours of endless love and cuddles.

The one I thought would not survive, is
now my pride & joy; although another
weak teacup I hoped for to recover did
not. She passed on to roam in the
kitten heavens........ contented looking
down on us, happy to see her brother
and sisters being loved, growing up
with a "Cat Lady" at a happy home.
"Pep Talk"
Oscarlena & Ima Lil
"Pssssst -
Did you
Meet "Notorious"
Red Tabby Sister
(Adopted 01-18-10)
And..Little Me
And Red Tabby
"Of all God's creatures,
there is only one that
cannot be made slave of
the lash. That one is the
cat. If man could be
crossed with the cat it
would improve the man
greatly, but it would
deteriorate the cat"  
~Mark Twain~
I was finally able to
find Momma Cat,
barely a year old. This
was her first litter and
her last. She has been
spayed and continues
to live at the horse
barn with her cat &
horse family.
I encourage everyone
to spay/neuter their
pets, thus contributing
greatly to reduce
over-population and
increasing the welfare
of our animals.
~The Abandoned Kitten Story~
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