When I first laid eyes on this
strikingly beautiful dog, I was
simply awestruck. "Oh can I
please.." Oh yes, I could...:-))
My long-time Friend Tami
Johnson, owner of Coolclusive's
Grand Dam since 1998, has been
breeding these wonderful dogs for
a few years. So she called me up
last year to take my pick of her
litter - oh yes I DID!!
And here is FREEDOM, as a
baby, growing up to enjoy her
life together with her
four-legged family and her
two-legged "Mom". She is the
sweetest, kindest dog I have
ever shared my life with;
highly intelligent as it does not
take more than a couple
attempts at learning
something new.
Thank you so much Tami!!!!!
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A big boned, glass eyed, white trimmed, blue leopard is the "Cadillac" of the Catahoulas. Many owners go squirrel
or hog hunting in the morning, pen a few cows that afternoon, and have a good coon hunt that night...all with
the same pair of Catahoulas! The Catahoula is useful in so many ways, and can be trained to individual needs. No
wonder it is in such demand.


The Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog evolved in the swamps of central Louisiana, around the Catahoula Lakes.
Legend says their ancestors were the results of the Indian dogs, or red wolf found in the area at that time,
mating with the surviving "war dogs" or mastiff used by the Spaniards in battle and then left behind, either
wounded or captured by the Indians. The first settlers to the Catahoula Lakes area found this strange breed of
dog with mottled spots and blue eyes, and called them Catahoula, meaning "beautiful clear water". The dogs
were used for hunting deer, bobcat, and wild hogs, and the settlers appreciated their technique in trailing or
winding, baying, herding and soon had the dogs working their cattle.


The Louisiana Catahoula is a medium to tall "rangy" dog, with broad chest, strong legs, and a wide head. It has
slick, short hair, and the average adult size ranges between 20-26 inches at the withers, and the average weight
between 50 - 90 pounds. Most Catahoulas are spotted up, with 2 to 5 different colors in their coat, having a base
color of black, blue, brown, liver or white, with contrasting spots of any, or all, of these colors. A few may be
almost solids but have a white spot on the chest or trim on the legs and face. There are two types of ears :
folded-over like a hound, but much shorter is preferred, or the "crinkled", and laid back is permissible. The
webbed toes of these dogs help them walk easily in swampland as well as over snow, and make them excellent
swimmers. The Catahoula keeps growing until about 2 years old, but work like an adult at 8 or 9 months.
Females come in heat between 8 1/2 months to a year and wean their pups at 4 weeks.


A characteristic of the breed are the unusual eyes, the most striking and preferred eye color is the unique
"double glass eyes" (blue). Other colors can be brown, green, amber, or one colored eye with one glass eye; or
eyes with "glass cracks", spots of blue in one or both eyes.


This versatile dog can be trained for almost any purpose. Performance in obedience training, as well as the ability
to master and perform difficult tricks, amaze and amuse owners of this dog. Basically, the dog wants to please
its master, and this, together with their natural instincts, make training a matter of getting the pup's attention,
then teaching them basic obedience. They develop their own style of working and strive to help and defend their
master. They work on both sight and sound signals and are excellent obedience and field trial dogs. A kind word
and a pat on the head will be enough for the Catahoula to try his best for his master.


This dog is second to none as a stockdog, having the guts and inbred desire to work wild Brahma cows or hogs,
but still working well with gentle stock. Lead dogs bark to aggravate the cows from the front; herd or drive dogs
circle, give voice and keep the cows bunched; or there is a combination dog that works all positions. The
Catahoula can out work and out last any other breed. It is strong, active, and has natural instinct and working
style all its own. A Catahoula is affectionate, intelligent and faithful. It makes a wonderful pet or guard dog, a
stock dog, hunting dog or show dog. They are fearless in nature and can be fighters yet gentle with their family.
They are a multi-purpose dog, good at home, on the farm or in the city.


Hog dogs work well in swampy areas, bark, snap and run, working in pairs or threes to circle and bunch. Cow
dogs tease, circle and bay until the herd calms and bunches, then they help pen. Coon hunters like the keen
eyesight at night of these dogs and a Catahoula-coon fight is something to see! Squirrel hunters use the sharp
eyesight, keen sense of hearing and smell. They are good deer hunters as they are a short range dog, silent
trailer and bay dogs.


The National Association of Louisiana Catahoulas Inc. is a non-profit organization. It began in 1977 to insure the
continuing line of certified purebred Louisiana Catahoulas, through a supervised program of breeding and
registration. This act of preservation for a unique part of Louisiana heritage, recognizes the Louisiana Catahoula
as the only breed of dog which historically originated in the State of Louisiana. On July 9, 1977, Governor Edwin
Edwards signed a Bill passed by the Louisiana Legislature, making NALC the propagator of the Louisiana
Catahoula Leopard Dog, the Offical State Dog of Louisiana.
~TaJo Catahoulas~
It was sheer coincidence that
introduced me to this incredible
Breed - The Louisiana Catahoula.
Below an Excerpt as issued by
the Registry of
History, Appearance, Eyes,
Training & Ability
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